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One big family

Gen V is a family business owned and operated by the Terrault family. If you speak a little French, you’ll know that terre means earth and soil, so it seems it is our destiny to be growers!

Our extended family includes all the amazing members of our team, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning. We are brought together by shared values of respect, wellbeing, enjoyment, integrity and support.

Portrait de famille

  • Sylvain Terrault


    Sylvain owns and operates Gen V alongside our family, and has contributed to the business since 1987. He is invested and committed, both as a businessman and a family man.

  • Chantal Desjardins

    Senior Vice-President

    Chantal is Sylvain’s partner in business and in life, as well as mother to Simon and Valérie. At Gen V, she is the go-to for all things administration and finance related.

  • Simon Terrault

    Vice-President, Operations

    Simon is Sylvain and Chantal’s son. He is enormously generous with his time and is always on the lookout to help members of his team reach their full potential. He takes care of operations and human resources.

  • Valérie Terrault

    Marketing Director

    The daughter of Sylvain and Chantal, Valérie is our creative visionary, always at the forefront of the trends and innovations of our industry. She is responsible for communications and marketing.

  • Daniel Terrault

    Vice-President, Business Development

    Daniel is Sylvain’s brother, and uncle to Simon and Valérie. Charismatic and already a business owner in his own right, he brings valuable expertise to our sales and business development.

  • Francis Terrault

    Production Director

    Francis is nephew to Sylvain and Chantal and son to Daniel. With his talent for analysis, he’s the perfect person to oversee production in collaboration with the growers, bringing crop after crop to life.

And more than 185 employees like:

  • Alvaro Cadena

    Director of labor

  • Steve Hanson

    Culture coodinator

  • Catherine Grimard-Leduc

    RH Director

  • Jean-Benoit Ramsay

    Director of purchasing

  • Élizabeth Thibodeau

    Quality director

  • Alexandra Tremblay

    Payroll manager

  • Roberth Hurtado

    Accounts payable and Inventory manager

  • Anick Thibault

    Logistics coordinator

  • Gilles Bouffard

    Sales Representative

  • Karine Thibodeau


  • Julie Barbeau

    Responsable paie

  • Édith Marchand


  • Stacy Baillargeon

    Health & Security Coordinator

  • Sylvie Descoteaux

    Accounts receivable

  • Jose Sanchez

    Warehouse Clerk

  • Pierre Cayer

    Sales Director

  • & tous nos employés de production

    Photos to come!