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Farmer's wisdom

Transplants for Quebec's Market Gardeners

What if we told you that Gen V grows leeks, carrots, and even squash?

From March to September, a team of nearly 50 employees at Gen V is responsible for another very important operation, and it's not growing our lettuce or organic vegetables. Agronomists, foreign workers, and production managers work to coordinate the transplants.

What are transplants?

They are seedlings that will be used by Quebec's market gardeners to grow a wide variety of vegetables that you will find in Quebec's markets and grocery stores during the summer and even into the fall season.

Year after year, we start this process from seeds, and our team ensures their development until the transplants are ready to be delivered to the market gardeners.

Leek, onion, cabbage, broccoli, parsley, turnip, carrot, celery, lettuce, squash: these are examples of varieties that will first grow in our facilities in Sainte-Clotilde and then mature and be harvested by market gardeners.

When we talk about our mission to feed Quebec and contribute to our food autonomy, Gen V is truly involved, and not just with greenhouse cultivation!