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Chicken Caesar Tacos

Preparation: 15 minutes.
Cook time: 15 minutes.
Servings: 2 servings


For the tacos

6 small wheat tortillas

250g chicken breast, cut into 6 strips

1 egg, lightly beaten

60 ml (1/4 cup) flour

250 ml (1 cup) panko breadcrumbs

Some leaves of crisp Gen V lettuce

2 mini Gen V cucumbers, sliced

For the sauce

30 ml (2 tbsp) mayonnaise

30 ml (2 tbsp) plain Greek yogurt

5 ml (1 tsp) anchovy paste

30 ml (2 tbsp) grated Parmesan cheese

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

Juice of half a lemon

Salt and pepper


The sauce

In a bowl, mix mayonnaise, yogurt, anchovy paste, chopped garlic, lemon juice, and Parmesan. Season generously with pepper.

The tacos

  1. Place flour, egg, and panko in three separate bowls. Season each ingredient with salt and pepper.
  2. Coat chicken pieces in flour, then dip in egg, and coat in panko. Press the panko firmly to ensure it adheres well.
  3. In a deep pan, heat a base of vegetable oil over medium-high heat. Once the oil is hot, add the breaded chicken pieces. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side. Remove, place on paper towels, and sprinkle with salt.
  4. Assemble the tacos with the tortillas, Gen V curly lettuce leaves, crispy chicken pieces, slices of mini Gen V cucumbers, and Caesar sauce.

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